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Its קליפה getting this כוחות and not specifically J or any person,
you ask a very good question, and much most be learned to fully understand if at all possible to understand well, the way the almighty runs this world, but a could try to explain a little how it works:

G-d made the way his blessings and חיות for the world come down is threw 10 vessels A.K.A. ספירות such as בינה ,חכמה, and so on, now when a Jew heaven forbid commits a sin he makes a blemish in these vessels thus causing that the קליפה can receive his אורות or blessings and כוחות even though that it was not intended for them this is call יניקת החיצוינים.

now being when we learn torah we are ממשיך draw down כוחות which some thru the 10 vessels, and being that all the sins that were committed by J and every one else and being that on that night the קליפה is stronger then always (for which i don't fully understand why) they receive more כוחות and חיות, and that is how i understand why we don't learn torah beside that he learned torah as well so on the day of his celebration he could reiceive the חיות that we get from learning

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