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Hasagas gvul and business competition

This is a question relating to my copyright question, but it can also relate to the general issue of business competition.

Doesn't the concept of outlawing competition based on hasagas gvul assume that a business owner with whom I compete already owns the money in the pockets of his potential customers? I.e., yes, if I open a business next to his, I result in a loss of sales compared to what they'd be if I didn't open the store. But he never owned the future, potential, sales to begin with!

It's no different from saying that if someone saw a tallis lying on the ground and ran towards it, but I reached it first, I caused him a loss of the tallis.

To compare, in the case of the actual movement of borders, I already own my property; you already own your property. If I move the border between us, I am stealing the property that is already yours, that you made a kinyan on.
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