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You seem to say that Nosi HaDor = someone recognized by all the Yidden as their Nosi. That would solve all the problems; if such were the case, there would be no question re: either the Rebbe or the previous Rebbeim.

But that's clearly not the case, which is why you either have to say that either being Nosi HaDor means being a Nosi of a specific group of Yidden (and is dependent on their being mekushar to the Nosi), or being Nosi HaDor has nothing to do with other Yidden recognizing the Nossi as anything, which is my mashpia's answer, where he used Mordechai as an example of Nossi HaDor (according to the Rebbe), where the majority of Yidden didn't recognize him as such. (I don't remember the details, though I can ask him.)

If I had to guess (for what little it's worth), the point would be that the Rebbe is the source of Chassidus Chabad, which is pnimiyus HaTorah. That makes him Nossi HaDor, not recognition of the majority of Yidden. (Of course, what makes him the Rebbe is that he has chassidim to whom to reveal Chassidus.)
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