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A question which nobody in Chabad correctly answered till now.

It remembers me a dozen of years ago when I embraced chasidus. I was asking questions on some customs I observed to some chasidim who wanted to emulate the Rebbe on many points, but were negligent on some other points. When I asked to my rov, "How is it that they take that point and not that one, and what's their basis to decide to emulate that point but not this one?" (for instance, a chosid with a light grey hat is a rare sight, despite it was the levush of the Rebbe before accepting the nesius), the rov answered in an undertone, "Nowadays, Chabadnikim are picking whatever "pleasant/fashionable minhag" they want, justifying themselves by pointing out that the Rebbe acted like that. It is all arbitrary, because when the Rebbe wanted something, he asked it clearly. If there is no clear indication that we should pick that feature but not that one, and we put pressure on others to follow, there is a danger that we may be going astray from all the important directives the Rebbe clearly gave."

Unfortunately, I'm inclined to think that he was right.
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