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Originally Posted by ykh View Post
Intention is 180 degrees opposite. To use your metaphor of "wind in sails", the intention is like saying" enough sailing toy ship in a puddle, lets sail real ship in the ocean.
As about "koch mit emes", maybe I misunderstand the Rebbe's famous statement to the extent of "Moshiach would be here if people called for him in truth".
On the other hand we don't know what goes on in hearts of others and can speak only for ourselves.
And talking to ourselves we may may ask ourselves, does the absence of Moshiach bothers us? Does it bother us so that we feel the pain physically? Do we really yearn for his immediate revelation? And we probably have some examples in our lives to compare our feeling to something we are feeling or once felt strong about.
No argument here. Perhaps I was mistaken. It seemed like you were telling our new friend here that in order to want Moshiach, she should work on Avodah Sh'b'Lev, and worry less about actually wanting Moshiach. I just found that to be counterintuitive.

Originally Posted by ykh View Post
What I meant was well known concept described in Tanya and many other places, that the emotions may be of 2 kinds: natural (which are wild and basically expression of animal soul) and those born from intellect (and if the contemplation, from which these emotions are born, is holy, then the emotions are also holy).
In Kuntres HaTfilah the Rebbe Rashab basically brings up the point, that profound contemplation on a (chassidic) subject, done with effort and toil, will inevitably give rise to real emotions fo love and fear, that the person will experience then during davening.
The same obviously applies to Moshiach.
Once again, no complaints. I would only add that, on top of more pnimiyusdike meditation, it is also important to learn the Rebbe's sichos about the issue of Moshiach.
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