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Because not everyone has the time or the gedult (סבלנות בלע"ז) for endless arguments בכל פרט ופרט [as in: Who says the letter exists, is it in the Rebbe's handwriting, who has the Rebbe's original handwriting, how do I know it is not forged, maybe the Rebbe said not to publicize it, maybe it shouldn't have been publicized even if the Rebbe said to, why wasn't it known before GT, why wasn't it known before 27 Adar, on what day exactly in that Adar was it written (so we can figure out what sicha was said the day beore or the day after to figure out what is משנה אחרונה), why was it given to Binyomin and not to Leibel, how trustworthy is Binyomin vs Laibel, who says Binyomin is a mazkir, who says he can be trusted, when was he appointed etc etc. - get the picture?], especially as all this has been dealt with to some extent or another in the past.
Also: Some of the responses I have (and trust me - I do!) are answers that you will never accept, border on things שהשתיקה יפה להם, so why deal with it? To be labled a כופר again? [Not that it bothers me..., just pointless, and it ain't no mitzvah]. Anyone who really wants an answer or at least my opinion on these questions (not just to extend an endless argument), can: 1) Look up the myriad of old threads that deal with the psak, the book, the BD etc. etc. 2) If someone really wants to know MHO on the matter (not to argue), they can PM me...
Another point: I am not really involved in these issues much these days, as my opinions and "doing this sugya" goes back many years (to the post GT era). In the spirit of קשה עתיקה מחדתא, going back, rethinking the issues, with the chain of reasoning that leads me to my conclusions, takes up an unordinate amount of time. There has to be a point were I say enough (unles I am goaded enough... ).
Also: Contrary to popular opinion and perception, I do have a life to lead, things to do etc.
Also: I decided to spend more time becoming an authentic TC...
ויש להאריך בכ"ז...
[And why always the name calling?].

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