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Originally Posted by chossidnistar
hachi hashta!

to be a mench is not a Mitzvah?if u r a Mentch u r doing many mitzvot at the same time
aval acha
the Rebbe said "this is something that has to be shouwn,in a time of need, The Rebbe said that b/c he knew that some ppl ,like you,that are so great chassidim , they were not going to listen(ths is exactely what the Rebbe said),
and the time of need is after 3 of TaMUZ , where if u say that to ppl , u r merachek ppl from chassidus
The Rebbe said, it is not MITZVAH KLAL, Ahavas Ysroel is mitzvah
Imagine how the Rebbe knew that ppl were not going to listen at such an extend that they darshen.,"but if u have Ahavas Ysroel,if u have to do it"

I know that u have being manipulated ,(I see for your non sense comparaisons)in essence u r a tinok shenishbah, Moshiach is going to come, and u also r going to be redeem
Nothing wrong if u continue Thinking the same way, but ,please, justdo it for the Rebbe, do not merachek ppl from chassidus telling them who is Moshiach.
CN you are the best; are a few questions for you or T613 if he comes back;
1. who was the letter written to?
2. Why didn't the Rebbe say this in a sicha instead of a letter?
3. Why wasnt this letter enough to stop the OFFICIAL Chabad magazine from declaring YECHI for tw year until after GT ( and even some issues after GT had it)?
4.Why did the official publishing company write M_H-M ibn Besuros Hageula after the letter?
5.Why did the Beis Din Rabbinim say Yechi etc after the letter?
6Did Rabbi Groner ever say that the Rebbe meant this letter to overide other answers he gave?
7 Why after this letter, did the Rebbe give answers which seem to be the opposite of this letter?
8.Why did the Rebbe simply not say, I prohibit any one who is a Chabad chosid from saying publicly that I am Moshiach?
9. How is this any differant freom answers the Rebbe gave in 5710 that he "is not the Rebbe" and yet became the Rebbe?
Instead of polemics, which is easy, I look forward to honest, cleaar answers to the above, but I hope the answers will be forthcoming.

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