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Leayis, anyone who knows his history would realize that he had a hoiche neshomo and screwed up royally.

1. He was a ben bayis by the Frierdiker Rebbe.
2. He was one of the first shluchim.
3. Ask anyone who was around then - he used to come into Crown Heights, buy the latest Likkutei Sichos and know it bál peh by the next day. (He was known to be an incredible genius.)
4. His ability to mekarev people, although we don't agree with most of his methods, was absolutely uncanny.
5. Being that his songs have such acceptance in the Jewish world, I would even venture to say that they can be used for avoidas Hashem - although a Chabad chossid would never do such a thing because of Carlebach himself. He was definitely someone who had a yerida in his ruchnisdikeh life.

Rebayzl, must I clarify that the Carlebach concert my father went to was not even the haschola to his return to frumkeit - I was saying that it was at least something Jewish that he went to as a not-yet-frum college student.
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