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1. The new Oif Simchas is takeh a lot more aidel than the other stuff they put out. Eishes Chayil is a beautiful song.
2. Noahide - I think that's a bit too naive... Kids need good music, and unfortunately, most kids won't exactly listen to Nichoach. That's why we have Fried. As for playing goyish style - I've mentioned that Piamenta got brochos from the Rebbe to do what they do; that's why I trust them.

It's a tough issue; but the strongest taana I have is from experience - any song that YOU (as the counselors) make into the "IN" song will become cool. It happened with us with Fried's Koiach, Moideh Ani, Mi Ma and Chevron, Diaspora's Malchutcha and Dedi's Vekoivay in Ukraine, and with "Yehay" by Chevra in Australia. (oh - and it also must have a good beat...)

I was a dorm counselor in Ukraine, and when I was around they could only play Jewish music. So they developed a taste for it!
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