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jamesch230 02-10-2011 11:18 AM

how does mens and womens education differ
i was wondering how does mens and womens education differ and are they taught in their respective schools how they should live their lives and why, ie you should get married eat kosher food etc

noahidelaws 02-10-2011 12:07 PM

Orthodox Jewish Men are typically learn more in-depth studies than their female counterparts, but both are taught practical laws and rituals needed for daily life.

MahTovChelkeinu 02-10-2011 01:48 PM

After 4th grade or so you start to see the curriculums diverge. Men focus more on talmud and the oral law. Women focus more on the books of Tanach and on ethical works such as Pike Avos. Both can get pretty in depth in their respective subjects.

Men's schooling also lasts longer, typically till the student is at least 22 or 23, and then even longer in a kollel. Women are usually done within a year or two of finishing high school and the idea of a women's kollel is very unusual (but not unheard of).

And each one tends to focus on the halachah that partains to them. Men spend time learning about tefillin, tzitzis, etc. Women spend time learning about taking challah, lighting shabbos candles, etc. Both learn about Shabbos and Kashrus in their own style.

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