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Yissachar 03-20-2011 09:40 AM

Nir Ben Artzi: Moshiach or Anti-Moshiach?
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Opinions of Nir Ben Artzi range from him being the Moshiach, to him being not a prophet but a psychic seer, to being a deluded ignorant Tiberias tractor driver.

Now a new level: that Ben Artzi is actually the [B]Anti-Moshiach![/B]

In this instantly playing audio link in English [URL][/URL] by a well known American Kabbalist highly critical of R.Nir Ben Artzi, even comparing him to Bilom and Armilus:

The Kabbalist on it says:

[i]"Wednesday March 16 2011.
We know that the goyim come from [color=#800000]Ze'ira Illa[/color] which is a future reality, and that a goy descends passing through this world making it eternal.

The Jew comes from the past and continues to the present in an ever ascent to HKBH.
Thus Ben Artzi right now is a Jew, and he will descend and disintegrate in to a goy called "Bilom".[/color]

Thus where Bilom made his nevuah of the future,it was in the past tense says Rashi, because Ben Artzi made the nevua as a witness in the future what he saw, and passed the information to himself on a previous date,[B] not in gilgul.[/B]

A goy passes through the world, "just passing through"; the world is eternal from the perspective of a goy. Literally without beginning or end,from the perspective of scientific analysis of goyishe reality.

For the Jew it started 5771 years ago and will continue until HKBH. The Jew started with Adam Harishon and continues to ascend to HKBH. The goy comes from Ze'ira Illa on the level of malach and will descend and disintegrate endlessly through time backwards.

[b]Thus Ben Artzi is the future Bilom,a nd Bilom is basically a degraded Ben Artzi.[/b]

Thus Bilom prophecized "a star shot forth". Why in the past tense? Because he already saw it as Ben Artzi.

Ben Artzi effectively lives in a world of Hollywood. We have a blue screen and a backdrop. It's as if the blue screen is not uploaded to Ben Artzi's backdrop. He sees the world of [color=#400080]ARMILUS[/color], the world of Bilom. He sees everything going on and Bilom becomes the goy which is Erev Rav without Erev Rav.

Ben Artzi became Bilom became [B]"shesum ayin"[/B] which is [COLOR="Red"]why Ben Artzi closes his eyes tightly all the while when he speaks.[/COLOR]On that level he is giving over what he already saw in his future self,as a 'past tense scenario'.

"A star shot forth"-look to Ben Artzi, in conjunction to what's going on in Korea as a side note.

Look to Ben Artzi to start to quote Bamidbar 24:17 - darach kokav m'yaakov vkam shevet m'yisrael - "I shall see him but not now, I view it but not near".[/i]

Torah613 03-20-2011 10:22 AM

Huh? Is this something lekovod Purim?

Torah613 03-20-2011 10:36 AM

After listening to about a minute of the audio, I am convinced that it [B]is[/B] a Purim shpeil. Thanks.

Yissachar 03-21-2011 07:09 PM

Judging by his clips today, I don't think it's a Purim Shpiel!
He sounds like he's in[B] deadly[/B] earnest!



Torah613 03-21-2011 11:45 PM

I did not listen to the "new" clips. One just has to read the above quote. One cannot package utter nonesense as "kabala". [Let me correct that: One can do whatever they want - but why should [B]we[/B] take it seriously?].

mosheh5769 03-22-2011 08:26 AM

Yissachar, please! Purim is only once a year, but every time you post something, it really looks like a joke! It's really difficult to take you on a serious level when posting things like that and all the other stuffs on Moshiach and Gematria, etc.

(BTW, there is a thread for those who want to post some jokes and make us laugh.)

Yissachar 04-06-2011 10:24 AM

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Pathetic how Tomer Devorah [URL][/URL]
has wimped-out and taken down overnight all his "Ben Artzi is Moshiach" postings; showing what a low grade talmid of Ben Artzi Devash (aka Tomer Devorah) is.

Ben Artzi is far from finished. He is not Moshiach - but he receives his power from the Side of the Left - the Amud Hasmoli - bechinat Armilus/Bilom - the[I] Achorayim[/I] - as explained before!

Ahrele 04-06-2011 01:55 PM

This is not a clearing house for lashon harah - sane or otherwise. This thread is closed.

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