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jjbennoach 07-22-2004 10:17 PM

Why today's evil?
Why does the evil evident today seem so stupid? Religions and philosophies used to draw their life force from holiness by at least adhering to some of the sheva mitzvoz b'nai Noach. But now, a certain kind of madness seems to have taken over. Suicide bombers, gay marriage, anti-G-dliness in politics... Is there a short way of explaining this? Will the propagators of this evil experience some kind of teshuvah, or must they simply be eventually destroyed?

n'eNow770 07-23-2004 12:17 AM

It's just yemi Mashiach....

Yankel Nosson 07-23-2004 04:37 AM

See [url][/url]

I agree about the madness, but I'm not sure I fully agree with the assertion that religions used to draw their life-force from holiness. The monotheistic religions, certainly, based themselves on Torah. But that is only over the last 1900 years (in once case) or 1300 years (in the other case). Other than that, and in places these religions did not reach, the statement doesn't apply. Baal Peor, comes to mind.

[quote]...according to the signs given in the Gemara, we are right before the revelation of Moshiach, and therefore the words of Daniel (12:10) apply: "Many things will be clarified, refined and purified." Included in this is that many negative traits which were previously concealed will come out into the open. In fact, even traits he was unaware existed within himself, or was unaware they were bad will be openly revealed.

The reason this is necessary is because everything must be purified before Moshiach's coming. And unless it is revealed, its purification is impossible. Therefore, shortly before his arrival, when the process must be completed, evil has become revealed in order to facilitate its purification. And since this evil has come out into the open, obviously G-d gives the individual extra strength to accomplish its transformation. It is therefore within his power to descend from his haughty stance and begin to purify those areas in need of improvement and correction. It would normally be possible for this process to be achieved gradually. But now Moshiach is about to arrive, and everything must be speedily completed.

Sicha 12th Day of Tammuz, 5747
(couldn't find it on Otzar)[/quote]

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