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Yissachar 11-14-2011 09:39 PM

The "Anti-Bibi"
Name-interpreting American Kabbalist Rabbi David Katz of Safed gives a Kabbalistic and Gematria appraisal of the deeper meaning and symbolism of Israeli Prime Minister's Hebrew name בנימין בן בן ציון צילה נתניהו on the Tamar Yona show [URL=""][COLOR=#cb5a04][/COLOR][/URL] referring to Netanyahu's good side as a possible Moshiach ben David/Moshiach Ben Yosef figure.

And also on Katz's blog [URL=""][COLOR=#cb5a04][/COLOR][/URL]
to Netanyahu's darker potential as an agent of the NWO and the Erev Rav (the Mixed Multitude of nominally Jewish "non-Jews", both Torah-observant and anti-Torah who it is predicted would rule Israel before the Moshiach) - "the Anti-Bibi"!

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