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Intrigued 10-27-2011 09:59 AM

70 Sarim and klipa
In Igeres Hakodesh siman 25 the Alter Rebbe explains that outside EY the chayus passes through the 70 sarim before being drawn down to all the physical things. Then he distinguishes between Klipas Noga and Gimmel Klipos Hatemeos. What is the connection between KN and GKT with the sarim?

[quote]ו(אלא שבחוץ לארץ, החיות הוא על ידי התלבשות שרים החיצונים, הממונים על שבעים אומות)

(1However, outside the Land of Israel,2 the life-force is [bestowed] by [means of “the word of G‑d”] being invested within the extraneous patron-angels that are appointed over the seventy nations.
(אלא ששמים וארץ ובהמות וחיות ועופות טהורים, נשפעים מקליפת נוגה

(4However, there are distinctions between the various categories of created beings: the heavens and the earth, and the cattle, beasts and fowl that are pure (i.e., kosher), are nurtured by kelipat nogah,

והטמאים ונפשות האומות, משאר קליפות)

whereas the impure [creatures] and the souls of the nations are [nurtured] by the other kelipot.)[/quote]

noahidelaws 10-27-2011 08:23 PM

Probably this is much more explained in sifrei Kabboloh, but perhaps this can be answered from Tanya ch. 7, which says of K"N: "והיא בחי' ממוצעת בין שלש קליפות הטמאות לגמרי ובין בחי' ומדרגת הקדושה" and ch. 37, which says of K"N: "ועל ידי זה יתבלעו ויתבטלו לגמרי כל השלש קליפות הטמאות כי יניקתן וחיותן מהקדושה עכשיו היא ע"י קליפת נוגה הממוצעת ביניהן".

So GKH"T get their chayus through K"N, which comes from the sarim. (On the topic of the sarim, see [URL=""]here[/URL].)

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