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oivedumaskil 02-15-2017 11:36 PM

Corruption in Lubavitch

I'm writing this with much pain, shock, and disbelief. We all heard of the lack of respect, achdus, ahava, disagreements, etc. in Chabad, but in my family, we don't listen to negativity and always ignored the subject. We focused instead on working on increasing our own Ahavas Yisroel for others, learning Maamarim and Sichos on the subject, and most importantly being good to others. After all, it's not only a mitzvah, and klal gadol baTorah, but also the essence of Lubavitch, which literally means the city of brotherly love, and was known until now as the dugma chaya and epitome of Ahavas Yisroel, Ahavas Chinam.

However, my family is now blocked from attending the Kinus! As Shluchim who built a Shul from the ground up with our own money--never fundraising even once--and then giving it over to another shliach when the Rebbe made it clear my primary obligation was to my family business, and being one of the largest supporters of Chabad for decades, we were always invited to sit at one of the tables up front. For many years, we couldn't make it to NY on those dates, but the invitations were every year regardless. Now we've been told, we cannot attend any Shluchim sessions as we're no longer official Shluchim, can't even buy the recordings, and if we want to go to the banquet, we have to pay $360 per seat and sit all the way in the back! It's a shame.

It's not that we want kavod. Who gets the kavod is a whole different problem. Why? Because one family is in charge of the Kinus every year, and if they like you, you sit in front for free, but if they don't like you, you sit in the back for $360, and maybe they don't even find a place for you...

This problem has been getting worse every year. Veteran Shluchim are in the back against the wall, and while not everyone expects or can sit in the front because of physical logistics, rotations should be done or at least something to show this is a fair event, with more respect for veteran Shluchim regardless of which "group" they belong to, and not have literally more photographers for the organizer than for the President!

We all daven and work to bring Moshiach. We all complain of the lack of achdus. But what are we ready to do to combat the hate, arrogance, pettiness, and meanness? Is it normal that because I chose to support "Moshiachist" projects, my family and I are now shunned? Is this what the Rebbe wants to see?

If anyone reading this would like to arrange a seat for my wife at the Kinus in a respectable place and allow her to purchase some session recordings, please e-mail me at levvelzz@g*********. It will be greatly appreciated. Not that she really has the heart to go, especially after seeing so much injustice and Shluchos she knows who also have problems with the organizer. In addition, last year my wife had a great seat, only to find it occupied by teenagers from the organizer's family upon returning from the restroom! However, I wish to publicize this, so people know that behind all the glitz, there is a lot of hate and grandiose egos.

Hope you can prove me wrong by helping my wife and giving us belief that the system isn't broken beyond repair. Iy"H I will remunerate you, and it will give us back our faith in Chabad...

The pain is too unbearable...for the Rebbe. Let's stop all the non-sensical hate, help each other with love and be be'achdus, and bring Moshiach NOW!

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