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gyf 07-11-2012 11:31 AM

Alternative Mesivtas
I wanted to see if anyone could give me information on alternative chabad mesivtas. I know that there are a few programs out there i.e. JETS, Bais Menchaem etc.. But I do not know what type of student they cater to. My son has not functioned well in the traditional cheder/yeshiva. He has a textbook case of ADD. He is very much an auditory learner. He gets lost when he has to teitch or put things in writing, or look in a sefer while listening. When he is presented material orally etc.. he does very well at grasping concepts, understanding etc...In the traditional setting I have found that with a couple of indivicual exceptions, teachers do not accomodate his learning style/abilities.
He does not have any behavioral or social problems. He is very enthusiastic about his yiddishkeit. If anyone has any suggestion or information on alternative mesivta programs ( specificaly 9th grade). I would appreciate your feed back.

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