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Jude 12-24-2001 05:06 AM

nittel nacht
The Ha'Yom Yom of 17 Teves says that we don't learn on nittel nacht (Dec. 24 at night,C. eve), in order not to increase chayus-vitality [to kelipa].

The Rebbe Rashab said that he doesn't hold of those masmidim who can't forego those eight hours (bec. it's only until midnight that you don't learn).

This custom (if that's the right word for it) of not learning on nittel nacht is very different than other customs we have that differ from those of non-Chassidim. Because whether you light the menora in the window or doorway, or eat gebrochts or not, is nothing like saying that learning Torah at that time, increases the vitality of kelipa.

What irks non-Chassidim about this is that we are saying THIS IS THE METZIUS. Whether or not you ACCEPT it, doesn't CHANGE the reality, that your learning at that time increases the vitality of kelipa!

In other words, it doesn't just increase the vitality of kelipa for those who believe it does! ;)

Lubamessimaniac 12-24-2001 05:09 AM

I know PLENTY of people who are very makpid when it comes to not learning... :p But then again, if suddenly someone has a taave to start learning, there's obviously something strange going on! JK

Col 12-24-2001 05:10 AM

Jude, who cares is and why it irks the "non-chassidim"? btw-this minhag only applies to places where they celebrate x-mas, so in israel there is no such thing as nitel.

Jude 12-24-2001 05:11 AM

in encounters with misnagdim it comes up, and I find it uncomfortable
X-mas is a major event in Bethlehem and in churches all over Israel :(

Press 12-24-2001 05:12 AM

Sorry to break the news col, but in Israel there is Nittel

Col 12-24-2001 05:12 AM

are u sure? in shaarei halacha uminahag vol. 3 p. 67, it says that there is no nitel in israel, and it says a reason, see there. also see lekutei sichos vol. 15 that Jews living in arab countries don't have the minhag of nitel.

rebyoel 12-24-2001 05:12 AM


Yes, there is nitel in Israel, both by Chabad and by other Chassidim. The letters of the Rebbe you refer to justifies the Minhag of those who don't stop learning on nittel in Israel.

Jude 12-24-2001 05:13 AM

nittel is observed all over the world, sometimes Jan. 8 in those areas where that date is celebrated

CyberLub 12-24-2001 05:13 AM

In the US and most of the world it's December 25, this year (2001) it's Monday evening.

Jude 12-25-2001 10:25 AM

Since other yeshivos do learn on nitel nacht, nitel stands for Ner Yisrael, Telz, Lakewood :)

R' Shmuel Levitin asked the Rebbe: If you can't learn, so what should you do? Answer: Sew buttons ...

Anyway, does anyone know what the word "nittel" means?

Tzemach 12-25-2001 10:26 AM

In Latin nittel means "birthday. Al derech haderush, it is from the expression "nital" = taken away.

(from a letter of the Rebbe)

Shlucha 07-14-2002 07:15 PM

Didn't the Rebbe used to play chess on nitel nacht?

Leayis 07-14-2002 08:15 PM

i heard once that the GRA would cut toilet paper for the whole year (for shabbos) on nittel. does this make sence?

vusveisichuber 07-15-2002 02:07 AM

nitel is nohug in E.Y. -I was once learning in shikun chabad and forgot that that night was nitel, and Subbota himself reminded me!- there are various reasons for nitel , some al pi nigleh and some al pi "inyonim". A good source for anyone interested in the various minhagim and reasons is Nitei Gavriel

lambda 07-15-2002 02:39 AM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Leayis [/i]
[B]i heard once that the GRA would cut toilet paper for the whole year (for shabbos) on nittel. does this make sence? [/B][/QUOTE]

Toilet paper on a roll wasn't sold until 1890. Did they cut it before then?

IshKoton 07-15-2002 05:31 AM

Yeh they cut it from sheets of paper.

masbir 07-15-2002 07:36 AM

In the Litvish world they dont know about nittel, in seforim that copile this things as Nitei Gavriel and Hanitel, the GRA'sname does not appear as a source, in seforim on GRA Aliyos Eleyuhu, Masseh RAV they dont know about so in all likelyhood it did not happened.

rebayzl 07-15-2002 08:13 AM

I heard the story about the chofetz chaim.

masbir 07-15-2002 08:29 AM

in NG he writes so about Chadishe HRIM.

rebayzl 07-15-2002 09:21 AM


masbir 07-15-2002 09:29 AM

Nitei Gavriel, mentioned before by a few posters.

Jude 08-04-2002 09:56 AM

In a book about Tzanz, the author writes that nittel nacht was kept on January 6, from 6 P.M. to 12, even though the gentiles' holiday was on December 25. Wonder why.

Chabad Friend 08-06-2002 03:07 PM

In Russia, they kept the Julian calendar and did not eliminate 11 day like the Gregorian calendar, so yom aidam is Jan 6.

Jude 08-08-2002 02:09 PM

see Igros Kodesh, volume 14, p. 352 - a letter about nittel nacht, in which the Rebbe says, "it seems to me that each country should follow the secular calendar of that country, and if there are different customs then they should observe the night that most goyim celebrate"

vusveisichuber 08-08-2002 02:38 PM

However, different groups refrain from learning for different reasons, so if another group does it for a different reason than Lubavitch, then it might come out different than the Igros Kodesh, v'chol echod lifi minhogoy.(other groups should follow their own minhog)

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