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Tzemach 12-24-2001 01:49 AM

Rules of this Forum
1. Although questions are always welcome, when posting [i]answers[/i] make sure that the information you are submitting is accurate. If it includes references to something it says in some Sefer or something that the Rebbe said - provide the source. If you provide inaccurate information, or post misleading information, your posts will be deleted. If you notice such posts written by others, please report them to us.

Tzemach 12-24-2001 01:59 AM

Discussion Board Etiquette
2. Participants on these forums are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. All participants have the right to engage in heated and even passionate debate. Please remember that an attack on your opinion is NOT an attack on you, personally. Don't take everything said to heart and you'll enjoy yourself more.

However, in order to maintain a proper level of discourse, the following kinds of postings are prohibited:

* Posting blatantly false and misleading information (see Rule #1)
* Using offensive language or posting offensive pictures
* Launching personal attacks against another participant
* Posting Spam or Advertising

Such postings will be deleted immediately. Individuals who engage in such activity will be publicly warned. Individuals who persist in such behavior will have their posting privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

If you find that a thread or post is not to your liking or that you feel violates the above guidelines, then please click the "report to moderator" link under the message.

Tzemach 12-24-2001 02:03 AM

Keep a copy of important posts on your hard disk
3. These message boards sometimes "misplace" posts (especially if you break the rules, or post about subjects you are evidently unfamiliar with ;)), so please save long and important ones to your hard disk before clicking the submit button.

CyberLub 12-24-2001 02:13 AM

Posting Etiquette
4. When posting, you want to know where and how to post your opinions. [list][*]Most important thing to remember is when you post a new topic, is to post it in the right forum. Please choose carefully. We want to make sure these go in the right section so people can find them. [*]If you have something [b]Emunah[/b] related, obviously you want to put it in [b]Judaism[/b] Discussion. If it's about a certain [b]Sichah[/b], put it in [b]The Rebbe's Sichos[/b]. [*]If your in doubt about which topic it should go in, just put it in General. You won't get criticized for puting a thread in that forum. [*]When making posts, have them relate to the topic and refrain from looking like a fool. Keep on topic and make sure to think before you post. Many members find it annoying when posts are off topic and don't make sense. If a member continues to do this, a warning may be issued.[*]Similarly, if you are replying to someone who is off-topic themselves... create a new thread, quote the original author, and post your reply. If possible have a link to the original thread. []click here[/URL] for an example.[*]If you see a thread going of topic, please report it to the moderator, so we could split the thread.[/list]

CyberLub 12-24-2001 02:19 AM

5. Although we do believe in free speech here, please avoid anything [b]political[/b].

6. Puting a post about a website just because you want it to be noticed, won't be tolerated. In cases like this, you will be warned and the thread will be moved. However, you are encouraged to submit reviews of sites you think we should promote in General > Other > Websites Worth a Visit

[i]We reserve the right at any time to change or add any rules to this list. Each member will be judged on a case by case basis if a banning will occur. There is a possibility that a person may be banned even though the rule is not listed here.[/i]

Tzemach 01-09-2002 04:28 AM

Rules for Coexistance (from Darchei Shalom):
7. Address issues, not people.

8. Check your sources. Statements about the beliefs, behaviors, and quotations of other group should always be verified with members of that group for accuracy, context, and intent.

9. Avoid stereotyping and sweeping generalities, such as defining whole groups behavior by the behavior of some.

10. Avoid words of incitement. Language meant merely to mock, divide, and insult should *never* be used.

11. Never point out someones gender.

CyberLub 08-18-2002 04:09 AM

12. It is requested that users stick to English and translate obscure hebrew/yiddish terms

13. Never post a email address, any contact between members could go through the super moderators.

Rabbi_D 09-13-2005 02:49 AM

14. As an extension of rules #2 and # 10, when mentioning the Rebbe, honorifics--other then [i]Nasi Doreinu[/i]--are not permitted.

Smirnoff 07-20-2009 10:52 PM

15. The use of private messages for cross-gender interactions is strictly prohibited on [I]Chabadtalk[/I], no exceptions whatsoever.

Please be advised that in enforcing this rule, [I]Chabadtalk[/I] might occasionally skim through the content of the messages. Do not write anything which may be considered private.

Ahrele 12-17-2009 01:16 AM

16. This is a board for the discussion of Judaism, and Judaism only. This board does not encourage pluralistic discussions of other religions, or comparisons between Judaism and other religions. Missionizing of any kind will not be tolerated.

I shouldn't have to say this, but it looks like it needs to be said.

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